RunRun Rabbit alpha release

A new playable alpha of RunRun Rabbit is available to play online now!

Release notes

New features

  • AI opponent for single-player games
  • Allow users to choose a user name, and display these on the multiplayer game screen
  • Provide option for users to log in with external accounts to reserve their name
  • Touch/universal input


  • Improved fox sprite
  • Foxes spawn more predictably
  • Foxes kill individual rabbits (rather than just reducing the player’s score)
  • Foxes destroy arrows after two head-on collisions
  • Colour-blind mode
  • Draw cursors on canvas instead of using custom cursor images

Bug fixes

  • Address various edge-cases in which client and server simulations could diverge
  • Fix fox score penalty (foxes would actually increase the player’s score rather than reducing it!)